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Gradient Background

Shan Phoenix ACSI, LLB (Hons)

My journey in financial planning and wealth management started in 2008 when I was a Private Banking Manager based in the City of London. My manager at the time was the definition of a true client focused private banker. From the start he said to me “go out there and get to know your clients”, and that’s what I did.

I met many interesting and inspiring people, helping them organise their finances. I saw first-hand the difference it makes when someone has focused on investing and is committed to a structured financial plan.

Many of my private banking clients were financially empowered and enjoying life. They were wealthy by intention, disciplined with money and were confident about their future. This was a powerful realisation for me, I was inspired. I wanted to follow this path, and help others do the same, so in 2009 I studied the exams and became a regulated financial advisor.

In 2011 I decided to become an independent financial advisor so that I could research the whole universe of funds and dedicate more time to my clients. Today my service is a combination wealth management, financial planning and relationship management mixed with an element of financial coaching.

Since I started advising, I have been conducting fund research and investing. I’ve done my 10,000 hours and that will never stop. I enjoy it. After three years of researching cases and statutes for my Law degree I’m definitely comfortable with it. I also have a lot of ‘skin in the game’ so to speak. I have been a home owner and a landlord, I’ve invested in funds, direct shares and many other types of investment vehicles to expand my experience and perspective.

Out of all the types of investments I have held, the investment fund in my experience is the most effective and reliable. I put my money is where my mouth is. I hold all my wealth in funds, in the same funds that I advise my clients to invest in. Safe to say I take investment advice and my research seriously and I am as protective of my client’s wealth as I am my own. We are on the wealth journey together and it is an honour and a privilege to share what I’ve learnt to help others.

My goals are to achieve meaningful growth for us all in investment portfolios that we can rely on in this lifetime and beyond, without taking unnecessary risk; and to develop a financial blueprint that my clients can use to make the most of their success and live the life that they envision.

Who I work with

My clients are successful people, whether employed or business owners. Usually they contact me or are introduced to me from an existing client, solicitor or accountant when they feel it’s time work on a strategy with a specialist. For example, their income is at a level where they are in the accumulation stage, or they are in a position to think about early retirement, a ten-year plan to change their lifestyle or an exit strategy for their business.

However I will talk to anyone, and if you want to know more about how to get started, I always have time to talk about the benefits of investments.